A (super sweet, maybe romantic) thing you can do to help

A (super sweet, maybe romantic) thing you can do to help

Hello home-bodies!

('cause that's what we all are now).

I feel for my extroverts out there. As an introvert, I'm fine with this new way of life... to an extent. 

One thing I do miss is a date night. I miss eating out, and I miss my boyfriend   

You remember him, right? The cutie-pants that inspired this instagram post

Well the other day he made a gesture that checked all the boxes. And I want to share it because it's a super sweet thing that you can do too, to spread some joy during this uncertain time. 

We have a couple favorite date spots in Bar Harbor.

Shout out to Side Street Cafe and Leary's Landing!

Who knows when we will be able to toast with martinis and burgers in these awesome spots again, but to give us something to look forward to, my man purchased two gift certificates from these establishments and had them emailed to me with a lovely message.

Sigh. I know. 
Not only is this cute and romantic, more importantly it's a way to support local businesses, especially restaurants that are treading very scary waters right now. 

So I would like to encourage you to contact your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner spot, and ask to purchase a gift certificate. We all want these places to be here when we can venture out again, let's do whatever we can to lend a hand. 

Love you! 



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Beyond romantic and thoughtful.
He is a keeper !

Alene Huffman

Yes I remember that cutie.
Love to you all.

Judyth Allen

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