Amber's collection

Amber's collection

As you may know, I'm obsessed with podcasts. I even wrote a whole blog post about which ones are my favorites. Well, I was mentioned on one of them!Amber Lilyestrom Podcast

Amber Lilyestrom is at the top of my list. She talks about mindset, business growth, lifestyle, she interviews amazingly inspiring people, and she's a New England girl like me, she lives in New Hampshire and is obsessed with it's beauty and calm. I swear, we should be friends. 

Anyway, Amber very graciously said in one of her weekly podcasts, "how can I help you?" 

For some reason, this prompted me to want to help her back. I love how she connects with her tribe on such a personal level, and I wanted to send her gifts. Some happy jewelry for her, and her daughter, and even her husband. So I did. I sent an email first, and she responded right away! 

She gifted me with one of her programs, and I sent her a little care package. 

This is what I sent her:

Anne woodman gold wire flower necklaceAnne woodman pearl earringsanne woodman mommy and me necklace setanne woodman cat ears headband


Then she talked about me on her podcast!! Listen to it here: 

Amber Lilyestrom Podcast

Women helping women is one of my business' core values. I'm so grateful for the strong powerful women that I've been able to connect with. Who are your favorite female thought leaders/entrepreneurs/business icons??

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