Aquamarine - I never knew you were so cool!!!!

Aquamarine - I never knew you were so cool!!!!

So, I recently acquired a book from the library and I'm so obsessed with it that I might have to consult amazon...

Anne woodman wire ring

Any who - Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Turns out, there is a legend saying it first came from a mermaids jewelry box, hence the name, and is said to bring pure love. 


Not only that, apparently aquamarine can be very healing for the throat and neck. Especially if worn on a short necklace. 

anne woodman aquamarine necklaceanne woodman aquamarine necklace

16" Birthstone necklace anyone? I don't know about you, but sore throats are still running rampant up here in the North. 

This book I'm reading also has some great info about astrological signs and all kinds of cool uses for different stones.

Tell me, what's your sign? Or, which stone do you want to hear about next? 




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And the stone I’d like to hear about is…the opal. I LOVED that stone when I was a kid and treasured an old, chipped family ring in the junk jewelry box my mom let us raid for dress-up. But later, a friend told me it was bad luck to wear opals unless it was your birthstone. Pre-internet, I didn’t do any in-depth research about that superstition but it definitely colored my joy in wearing one (It’s not my birthstone, needless to say). I’m curious what the lore is about that.


Hey, youse. I don’t know why I’m saying youse, but I’m gonna stick with it! If you haven’t already picked up the book form Amazon, let me get it as an Easter gift for you! ’I’ll be making a pilgrimage on Sunday to my local bookstore and would love to toss this biz their way. It will give me a chance to glance through it, too.


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