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Beautiful Birthday Girls!

Our challenge these days is to think outside of the box, re-invent what celebration means and how we show each other that we care. 

I recently woke up on a Saturday morning and had this thought; I bet there are a lot of little girls out there who were supposed to have birthday parties today and those parties had to be cancelled because of our current quarantined climate. I know there are much bigger problems that this virus is causing and some may find it trivial to to focus on a child missing out on the privilege to have a party that celebrates their existence. But little kids don't see the whole picture that way and to them, this could feel like a devastating loss. 

So I decided to send out some birthday gifts (headbands) to a handful of girls who were in this position. 

tiara headband  cat ears headband

This was actually a selfish attempt on my part to bring some smiles into my dms... It worked :)

Look at these sweet girls celebrating themselves in their headbands...


tiara headband anne woodman

This is Savannah (great name) and she just turned 10! Because she couldn't have any friends over to celebrate, her friends did a drive-by wishing her happy birthdays with signs and honks and confetti. Happy birthday Savannah, you surely are a loved and lucky girl! 

birthday tiara headband

And this sweet birthday gal is Olivia. Her headband traveled all the way across the country and got to her just in time! Another sign that luck is on the side of spreading joy!

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your big days! Happy Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And many more!




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