Chaos makes us stronger

Chaos makes us stronger

The thing about the chaos heart necklace is that it's the most sturdy of all my designs. The "chaos" of wire that fills the heart makes it stronger.

That "chaos" is made free form, each one is different. I follow where the wire leads, crossing over itself, intertwining with other wires, grabbing on, passing through, pulling away. The more I allow all of that to happen, the stronger the heart gets.

chaos heart necklace

Metaphor, anyone? 

All of the loves, all of the twists, tangles and turns, all of the going back around again, it all makes our hearts stronger. 

Take a moment to thank your sweet heart. Think of all she's been through. Notice how resilient you are. And think of who you love.

We all have chaos in our hearts. The more we connect our hearts to each other, the stronger our hearts become.

Mothers and daughters, friends, sisters and loves 💕

Happy Valentine's Day to all of your hearts, from mine. 


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