Follow what feels good

Follow what feels good

Permission to not know what that is yet. Really, this is about staying open. 

Here's a story.

I read this a few days ago, something like "find the things that feel really good and right and fun and do more of THOSE things." 

But I was like, "Do I even know what those things are?" In that moment, I didn't. 

So I rolled my eyes and kept on plugging away at the things on my to-do list. 

Then I made this ring.

vintage ring

I made it to add to the limited edition collection I'm creating for Valentine's Day. My to-do list said to, "make vintage rings to photograph for new collection" 

I got that feeling the moment it was done. You know when you create something and you just know that it's done and it's good? That feeling. So I made a video of it. I posted it on instagram. 

Man, the people went wild, they LOVED it! 

And I had this thought, "Why am I not making more of these?" It's literally my FAVORITE thing to make. And get this, part of the job is sourcing vintage rings from flea markets and antique stores. My other FAVORITE thing to do!

Did you know that my biggest break when starting my jewelry business was getting into Henri Bendel on 5th Ave in NYC? Guess what got me in? Ummm. The. Wrapped. Vintage. Rings. The jewelry buyer loved them, it was pretty much the only think she liked, but it was enough. 

Ding ding ding! Follow the thing that brings you joy! (or whatever that quote was) 

I found one! 

So I'm not going to ask you what yours are, the things that bring you the most joy. Instead, I will ask you to stay open to noticing. Consider following those strings more in 2023. 

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