Formulas - a way to manage Adult ADD

Formulas - a way to manage Adult ADD

The process of getting to know yourself, through coaching and other forms of self exploration, will make you realize that to "know thyself" makes it a lot easier to "love thyself".

The two go hand in hand. And when you love yourself, it opens the doors to finding solutions within, rather than sabotage and self blame.

Lately, I've been resonating more and more with the ADD diagnosis I received as a teenager. It's been part of my work to accept, allow and embrace the way my brain works, rather than fighting with it all the time.

A recent discovery I had is so good that I want to shout it from the rooftops.


Many times, I know what needs to be done. I have 10 thousand creative ideas about what is possible. But when it comes down to doing the work, implementing the ideas, I get totally overwhelmed, my mind starts spinning, then swirling around and out of my control. I'm paralyzed.

Can you relate?

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I crave structure and plans, I make a thousand to do lists. And they're all over the place. I create rules for myself but can't stick to them. My creative brain wants to follow its whims. 

This is how I came up with my "soft structure method". I learned what works for me. It's a combination of time management and formulas.

The formulas are THE BEST.

You could call them systems but I like formulas. 

My favorite one right now is a marketing formula. 

It's a straightforward step by step plan. I set myself a block of time, follow the steps, check the boxes as I go, and when it's time to stop, I can pick it right back up where I left off.

It actually makes me emotional to have finally created this for myself, with love. 

Here's what I want to offer to you (a few things, actually):

1. Want to talk about ADD? Can you relate to the inability to focus? Let me help you work with your beautiful brain in a loving way. 


2. Want my marketing formula? I would be happy to teach it to you, and help you  tweak it to fit YOUR life/business/brain. 


3. Are you looking for ways to be more productive in your life and business? I would love to help you create your own systems, aka formulas, to get you where you want to go faster. 

Let's talk! Reach out to me here, I'm so curious to know more about where you are on your journey!





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