Frida Kahlo -pretty flower love

Frida Kahlo -pretty flower love

Frida Kahlo is one of my all time favorite artists. I'm still studying her life and work. She was a brilliant painter, lover of love, feeler of pain, and appreciator of flowers. I'll take it. All.

Frida Kahlo self portrait

Kahlo is a wealth of inspiration!

Not only her art, but her style, her pain and her love of beauty. 

Frida Kahlo portrait

At the age of 18, Frida was in a horrible accident in Mexico City. What followed was a lifetime of surgeries, traction and painting while bedridden. 

Frida Kahlo painting in bed

One of my favorite paintings is "The Broken Column" giving us a view of Frida's broken insides. This inspired the first piece in my Frida collection.

The Broken Column - Frida KahloFrida's Spine Necklace - Anne Woodman

And my other favorite is The Two Fridas.

The two Fridas

This painting inspired me to make two Frida's Hearts necklaces. One with anatomical hearts and one with my signature chaos hearts. I just couldn't decide, which do you like better? 

 frida anatomical hearts necklacechaos hearts necklace - Anne Woodman

And because nothing is complete in my world without flowers...

Frida's Flowers Earrings - Anne Woodman

These were inspired by Frida's sparkly tears in The Broken Column, the fragility, imperfection and beauty.

The whole Frida Collection is here

And I encourage you to learn more about this amazing artist and her incredible life. There are biographies, an autobiography that's on my list, and movies! 

I'm currently on a women in art kick that I'm really enjoying. I hope to share more with you soon.




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