How is life coaching like bowling?

How is life coaching like bowling?

Have you ever wondered what exactly life coaching IS, anyway? You are not alone. As a relatively new (and vague) concept, life coaching is something many people haven't fully grasped yet. 

As a life coach, I find myself met with confused faces when I say what I do, so I'm always looking for metaphors and easy ways to explain what coaching is. 

The other day, a colleague came up with a good one. "A coach is like the bumpers  on the sides of bowling lanes, for kids."

This perfectly describes one of the things a coach can do for you, keep you on track.

When you start to veer off towards the gutter, a coach is there to remind you of where you wanted to go - towards those shiny white pins at the end - and give a push up and out of the ditch. 

Where in your life do you feel like you keep going off the rails/ getting off track/ rolling into the gutter? 

Chances are, there's something holding you back from really stepping into the truest and highest form of your self. 

My job is to help you excavate and find out what that thing is and then help you overcome it. 

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Want to lean more? Coaching is one of my favorite things to talk about, so let's set up a call to chat about how it might fit into your life. 




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