It's Safe to Dream

It's Safe to Dream

Some of us have a thing that's quietly nagging in the back of our minds, and maybe has been for years. Something we are called to do. An image pops up once in a while. The universe throws signs at us here and there. But we ignore it and push it off for "later".

"Maybe when I retire. Maybe when the kids are older..."

What's your thing? Close your eyes. What would you love to do if money were of no concern? 

Maybe 2022 is your year to explore? What if you gave yourself the gift of answering that nudge and saying yes to yourself? 

Two blocks usually come up here and I'm going to tell you how coaching can help with both.

First, you might be saying, "no, not this year, I have too much on my plate... "

Maybe you're right. Maybe you don't have time right now.

But one thing I do as a coach is hold space for your dreams. The coaching relationship is a safe (and confidential) place where you can say your dreams out loud. Unlike sharing them with your friends of family, in the coaching space, your dreams are guaranteed to be met with nothing but possibility and curiosity. No judgement. No doubt. In this space, your dreams are safe and free to grow and develop. 

Want to be Beyonce? Yes! 

So back to that nagging thing. It's safe to say what it is. Now what? Where do you start? Is overwhelm creeping in? 

This is another way coaching can help. We break it down into small simple steps. We can create a formula to follow (have I mentioned how much I love formulas?) and before you know it, you'll be checking boxes and moving faster than you thought possible. 

Your dream may be very small or very big. Either way, I'm literally at the edge of my seat wanting to hear what it is, Because dreams are my FAVORITE! I promise to hold a safe and welcoming space for your dream. I promise to get excited with you about what is possible. I promise to help you make a PLAN. And I promise to remind you that YOU are magic.

I'm trying not to beg here, but I'm kind of on pins and needles... pleeeeease share your dream with me. You'll be amazed at what happens just by allowing it to be heard and validated. 

Is something holding you back? Let's jump on a (free) call and explore, I would love to give you a boost.

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