Thanksgiving is next week. Who else is spinning about how that's going to look this year?? As with most things in 2020 it seems impossible to stick to a plan because things change by the minute. 

Something that keeps coming up for me is that it's just about connection. It doesn't really matter HOW. In some ways this year has made our connections deeper. We've had to work harder to stay connected, we've been challenged to recognize the importance of human connections in our lives. 

Jewelry has the power to connect people. It's one of jewelry's superpowers. 

My closest longtime friends and I all wear this necklace to celebrate our sisterhood. 

anne woodman chaos heart necklace

You can read more about that story here

When my Cece started kindergarten, we all wore matching bracelets so she could always know that mommy and daddy were thinking of her when she was thinking of us and that she would always see us at the end of the day. 

anne woodman kids bracelet anne woodman braided bolo bangle anne woodman man bracelet

When you guys send me pictures of you and your friends wearing my jewelry, it fills my cup so full that I spill out of my eyeballs a little. (Was that gross? I just meant it brings a tear to my eye).

 anne woodman necklaces anne woodman necklaces

This Holiday season, I will be cherishing the small stay at home family celebrations, the deep one on one conversations with friends on the phone or zoom, and the comfort and coziness of the home where I feel most connected to my daughter. 

This Thanksgiving I want to wish you all the closeness of feeling connected even if you are connecting through a screen instead of a hug. It all counts if you make it count. 

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