What does love mean to you? Who do you love? Family? Friends? Pets, Kids, a partner? Yourself (that's a big one). 

When I was brainstorming about the word Joy and unpacking its meanings, love was at the top of the list. Seems obvious. 

But what does love really feel like? 

My dream is to have every human on earth do the following at the same time (I'll settle for a few humans at different times):

Sit or stand where you are and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and put your hand on your heart. With your hand on your heart, take a few more deep breaths. See if you can connect with the energy of your heart, beating unconditionally in service of your life. Can you feel any sensations? Warmth, tingling, can you see a color? Think of someone or something you love unconditionally, a child, a pet or even something in nature, a tree, or a flower. I like to think about my snuggly black cat.

What does that feel like? 

What if we all started our days that way, and led from that place? Everyone; the working from home parents to the white men in The White House. Can you imagine? 

big heart necklace

Obviously we could all use a little more love these days. 

More importantly though, we might need a reminder to love openly. A big open heart that can hold love for all of humanity. 

This is joy. 

Anne Woodman big heart

This big heart necklace was just added to the website. In honor of spreading love, all of the heart designs have special prices this week (11/6/20 - 11/13/20).

Go check it out! 

Big kiss from my heart to yours,



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