bumblebee necklace


This might be my favorite expression of joy. Whimsy can mean so many things and can be expressed in so many ways.

I think of... silliness, letting go, laughter and fun.

Vintage Christmas decorations from the 1950s and 60s. 

Being in an improv class, just letting go and being totally silly.  

Older women wearing bright colors and big glasses, having fun with themselves and their fashion because they've grown out of all the bullshit that holds them back.

Whimsy delights.

Whimsy expands one's capacity for joy, love and acceptance. 

When whimsy comes through in my art it looks like the bumblebee necklace and the happy flower.

bumblebee necklace flower earrings

It also comes through in the wrapped vintage rings and pops of color. 

vintage ring   colorful bangle

And maybe most of all in the big butterfly headband

big butterfly headband big butterfly headband

These are all pieces that invite smiles and conversation.

If I can bring a little more of that into the world, I'm doing ok. 

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