Luck and feeling stuck

Luck and feeling stuck

Do you believe in luck? I do.

And... Nothing can happen unless you believe it can happen.

I believe that luck is what we create by believing. When you shift your beliefs, shift away from self doubt and more towards possibility, your luck will start to change. I've seen this happen before my eyes countless times. In my own life and with my clients. The most surprising part is HOW FAST IT FUCKING HAPPENS! 

People who believe in the law of attraction call it "raising your vibration". The idea is that you attract what is in the current state of your vibration. Huh? Here's and example: If you are thinking and feeling "I want, I wish I had.." you will get more wanting and wishing for more. If you are thinking and feeling "I have, I love, I am so happy with..." you will attract more and more and more...abundance, love, happiness.

Here's an example from my own life, just this morning. I woke up feeling blah and in a grumpy funk. The energy I was feeling was yucky, like I hated myself and I would never be able to achieve my dreams.

 - True story. This is why I love helping people get over their demons and dark places, because I know them all too well, we all have these dark moments - 

So I coached myself (by free writing and other exercises I have up my sleeve) and I shifted my energy to more of an abundant, self loving vibe.

5 MINUTES LATER I came across an incredible opportunity to grow my business, something I never could have imagined. Something much bigger than what I had been hoping for myself. And yet so perfectly aligned with everything I've been working on that it just felt like it was FOR ME.

I immediately responded and put myself out there. Which, by the way, I would NOT have done if I was still in that shitty vibration I woke up in. 

ONE HOUR LATER I got an email asking me to join a zoom meeting about the above opportunity. 


This is what I mean by it happening so fast. This is what it means to change your vibration. This is how you change your own luck. This is what I believe. 

This is what I want for you. This is why I'm offering a discount on my fastest coaching package this month. Get Untuck. Because it can and will happen.

so. freaking. fast. 

Want to try for yourself? Leave a comment or send an email, let's talk.

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