My dad passed away recently. The moment it happened, and ever since, I've had this overwhelming feeling that magic truly exists.

I just know there is magic now. And it's been re-confirmed over and over again in the last days and weeks. 

That being said, I had also chosen "luck" to be my theme for March. How we create luck by believing. How we can manifest by raising our vibrations - to use some jargon from the law of attraction world. 

I decided to change the theme to "believe in magic". In many ways they are the same thing anyway. If you don't believe in magic, you won't see it. And the more you believe that good things are coming your way, as luck would have it, they do!

Here's a story of a magical experience I had right after my father died. You can put many different principles onto this story, karma, coincidence, chance, but I choose magic. 

Here's what happened: 

So, I have this habit that I've adopted over the last few years. Even though I'm known to make long road trips. I don't have an E-ZPass account (by choice). I pay cash at the tollbooths. I actually really enjoy it. I like smiling at the toll collector and wishing them a good day and just having that human to human connection.

But what I REALLY enjoy doing, is to also pay the toll for the person behind me. Usually the toll is only one or two dollars, so it's not a big deal. It just kind of shakes things up a bit. For the toll collector, the person behind me, and myself. It feels good. And it's fun. 

I don't know if anyone else ever does this, I haven't heard about it, if they do. 

A couple days after my father's passing, my brother and I had to drive to the funeral home to make arrangements. We took separate cars. There was a toll. $1. As I approached the tollbooth, I looked to see if there was a car behind me, there wasn't. Not anywhere in sight. Oh well, I just took out my one dollar bill to pay (when there's no one behind me, I feel like maybe it's annoying for the toll collector to have to remember that I paid two tolls, and it's just not as much fun, so I skip it). I rolled down my window and help out my bill (Bill is also my father's name).

"He paid for you." the toll collector pointed at the pick-up who was driving away ahead of me. And she smiled. 

That had NEVER happened to me before! I didn't even know anyone else DID THAT!! And on the day that I happened to be driving to the funeral home to arrange my father's cremation. And during this very raw and real time when all I could think about was magic. 

I cried. I laughed. I said thank you to the sky. I reflected. Magic is real. And we make it ourselves. That guy driving a black pick up truck in Saco, Maine had no idea the impact that would have on me. He didn't know that my dad had died and my heart was broken. He didn't know how badly I needed that gift of humanity. He had no idea that I myself do that same thing all the time!

You tell me that's not magic, I dare you. 

Magic is everywhere. Just open yourself to it. Believe in magic. Because what you believe in exists. And life is so much sweeter when magic exists. 

I love you,







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