more moon stuff

more moon stuff

This is what the moon looks like tonight.

anne woodman moon sketch

I just had to to do a quick sketch as soon as I walked in the door. It makes me want to do a single half moon necklace like the second moon in this one, but by itself...

anne woodman moon phases necklace

Also, right now, the stars are IN-SANE.


Just before seeing the moon tonight as I was driving home from a movie, I actually thought, "hmmmm, this drive is getting a little boring. Maybe I should make a point to take a road I've never taken before just for adventure, like once a week or something"

Then I saw the moon. And the stars.

It's still true, I should take new roads every once in a while, and explore more, and have more adventures, and go to more movies for that matter. 

But also, I just want to send out a big fat thank you to the universe for reminding me that this road isn't boring. It's different every time. 

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