Mother's Day Giving Back (to teachers)!

Mother's Day Giving Back (to teachers)!

This year, everything looks different. We are seeing forms of heroism that we hadn't seen or considered before. 

Among many of the heroes around us are the teachers and school administrators who have been working around the clock to help our kids get through this.

They are navigating a new teaching system that was basically thrown together at the last minute with no time to prepare. They are making sure our kids have food and books and the tools they need to learn, and they are doing it all with joy and creativity.

We think they deserve a hand!

Or at least a gift 😊

So here's what we're doing:

For every one of these bracelets we sell before Mother's Day, we will donate one of these bracelets to our local schools to brighten the day of a teacher, school nurse, cafeteria worker, principal, janitor, receptionist, counselor or any one of the many people working overtime to put our kids first! 

If you are looking for a special Mother's Day gift this year, think of how pleased your mom will be to know that not only does she get a beautiful piece of jewelry, but a fun bracelet was gifted in her name to a person who has dedicated themself to the growth and education of our kids!

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