New Year's Ritual 2021 - PART TWO - What's Your "Joy Carrot"?

New Year's Ritual 2021 - PART TWO - What's Your "Joy Carrot"?

If you did Part One of this ritual, you may already have a few ideas of what you want more of in 2021. 

What else can you dream up for the year ahead?

This next part of the practice (I wasn't loving the word "ritual" all of a sudden)  requires some alone time and a quiet space. And that pen and paper again.

Get comfy, find a relaxing spot (like your couch, or bed, or out walking in the woods) and take some deep breaths.

Now we are going to fantasize, dream and brainstorm. If you had a magic wand and could have anything at all in 2021, what would that look like? 

What would want for your career? Your family? Your home? Your finances? What would you like to learn? Someone recently suggested that last one to me and I love it so much! Imagine if we just picked one new thing to learn each year? 

Start writing them all down. Nothing is too big or too small. 

When you feel like stopping, set a timer for 5 more minutes. What else can you come up with?

Now look at your list. Wow, isn't it amazing? Look at all that sun-shiny possibility!! What do you think you could really strive for? Are there any things here that you think might happen no matter what? Which ideas light you up? What's the one that you can't think about without smiling? Pick one to be your big goal. This is your "joy carrot" (I made that up - you know like the carrot that dangles in front of a donkey?). At some point I want to create a visual for this one, like a picture or a post-it note. Something that will remind you daily of your big goal. Your joy carrot. This is what you're working for.

Who do you have to be to achieve your big goal? Is there a word that comes up? Could this be your word of the year? No pressure. I usually don't settle on a word of the year until February.

Make a list of a few smaller, more achievable goals and keep it handy. Tell people close to you about these goals. Now they can hold you accountable. One of these for me is "get comfortable riding a bike" and you can bet Cecelia is going to hold me to it!

Another one of these smaller goals could be a giving goal. Pick a charity or a cause you really believe in. Set a financial goal of how much you want to give them this year. Make it bigger than what feels comfortable. You might surprise yourself with how your income increases when you have that goal in mind this year. 

My Joy Carrot is too big and scary to tell you right now, which means it's just right. But rest assured that when it happens, you'll know. 

I love you. Happy New Year!! Tell me some of your goals... You got this!



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