Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy

I'm just going to leave this here while I talk about the ocean...

Now you know how I feel. Just this morning, I sat on a flat rock, and took that video. Living near water is an essential component to my happiness. When I am this close, I feel like I'm in it, I feel it on my skin, in my skin. I know that sounds bananas, but it's the best way I can explain. 

The beauty and vastness of the ocean is particularly grounding, and we all need it to survive. 

In the beginning of the summer I decided to do a little experiment. Last year, I sold 12oz Poland Spring bottles to thirsty shoppers. This year, painfully more aware of the impact those plastic bottles have on our beautiful ocean, I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I took a different route. I ordered a water cooler from our local spring water company, Mount Desert Spring Water. This was the first I learned that there WAS spring water on Mount Desert Island, and I loved their story. By the way, they were right, the water is really really good. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am a water connoisseur. 

Then I decided to take donations for refilling water bottles and give to Ocean Conservancy. They do amazing work cleaning up our oceans and supporting wildlife. And their instagram feed fills me with giggly joy. So, I collected dollars and change in a little jar next to this sign all summer long. 

Anne Woodman Spread Joy 

Guess what, everyone that refilled your bottle here, thank you! I've just donated all of your collected money and vowed to make another donation this time next year. 

Anne Woodman Spread Joy

Hopefully these donations will grow every year. If you would like to donate directly to Ocean Conservancy, you can do so here.

Now I'm on a mission to think of ways to end plastic waste in our oceans! 

Here in the shop, we are selling re-usable straws in silicone (great for smoothies) and stainless steel, as well as stainless steel water bottles that keep water cool while you are hiking, or shopping 😊

It doesn't seem like much, and it never feels like enough, but it feels better than selling plastic bottles that will end up who knows where. 

Any ideas fo the shop next summer? Great companies/products I should know about?

We are all in it together on this big wet ball floating through space!


Anne (your favorite Maine Mermaid 💙)

Anne Woodman Maine


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