Pink Moon

Pink Moon

April's full moon was a "full pink moon". Hard to believe I'm just hearing this phrase for the first time since the moon and pink are two of my favorite things.

The moon does not actually appear pink during the full pink moon, it got that name from one of spring's first pink flowers called Moss Phlox that are often in bloom* this time of year. 

I've been wearing my crescent moon necklace this month and thinking a lot about cycles.

Anne Woodman Crescent Moon necklace

April is one of the hardest months of the year. As a seasonal business owner, it's the time when all the money has been spent on new inventory, setting and stocking up, but there are still a couple weeks before the season really starts. Inevitably, every year, panic ensues. 

As a northern Maine dweller, it's spring every where else. All of a sudden our facebook friends are wearing t shirts and eating outside. And yet it remains grey and cold here. For a while. A long while. Please stop asking. 

This is just a phase. Calm before the storm. Emptiness waiting to be filled. Beauty quietly waiting to bloom. But it can be sad, and scary.

This necklace reminds me of the cycle. Every year, there is an upswing. Every year it turns around. 

Like a full moon, waning moon, new moon, waxing moon. 

Just keep on putting one foot in front of the other. Go to sleep, wake up, go to sleep, wake up. Soon everything will be full again. The moon too. 

moon phases necklace


*not in Maine (eye roll)

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Leave it to you to find a new spin on today’s routine earthly messages. An encouraging message for these days of unpredictable sunshine and shadows. And hey, if you have such a thing as an installment plan, I have always hankered after that necklace and just might tackle it this year!


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