Pretty Vintage

Pretty Vintage

Pearl Vintage ring

Flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales... these are a few of my favorite things. 

What I look for first is rings. Big, fancy, costume, vintage rings, LOVE!!
I've always been obsessed with vintage and antique jewelry. Maybe it had something to do with my grandmother. She was one of those old ladies who wore all her jewelry all the time. Maybe for fear of missing the chance? Grandma's hands and wrists were forever dripping with sparkly goodies. Not necessarily beautiful (chuckle), but gold and sparkly.
One of my most prized possessions is a ring she gave me in her last years. We were out to dinner with my mom. My grandma had a ring on every finger. "Why do you have to wear ALL your rings at the same time?" my mom asked. My grandmother's response was, "You want one? Which one? You can have one. You too, Anne, pick one." She was a hoot, that lady.
I chose immediately. A gold ring with a cluster of tiny diamonds. Slightly gaudy but her most delicate, and I hoped maybe a little retro chic? 
Grandma's Ring

A few years later, I met my husband. During our first summer together he brought me to his dad's country house for the weekend. At the end of an evening soaked with wine, my future father in law and I were sitting on the patio deep in conversation about life. He was talking about his days as an estate lawyer, and all of a sudden said, "wait here" and disappeared into the house. 

He returned with one of the most beautiful rings I (still to this day) have ever seen. He said it was given to him by a favorite client, an old woman without family who took a liking to him. He said that my spirit reminded him of her, Elsie. She had always worn this ring, and for years after she died he wore it on a chain around his neck. I love this ring so much that a few years later, my husband kidnapped it and took it to a jeweler who used it as inspiration to design my engagement ring. 

It was too big. Even for my middle finger. So I wrapped some gold wire around it to fill the space. And then I wrapped a little more. 

Elsie's ring


I started wearing it every day. The response was mind blowing. Everybody wanted one. Hmmmm, guess I had to go source out a bunch of cool vintage rings to wrap in gold, fine by me! 

10 years later, the vintage rings are still so much fun for me. I've even done some custom ring wrapping for my most lovely customers. These are so special to me because of the stories behind them. 

green gem vintage ring

What better way to take a memory and make it more special than to wrap it gold? 

And that is how the Vintage Collection came about. The rings are here too. But remember they are one of a kind, so if you see one you love, best to hurry. 

When I find something I love, I just want to wrap it in gold.

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