small business saturday, typical.

small business saturday, typical.

So here's how my Small Business Saturday went, I thought I'd share because it's such a perfect small business story. 

The lock to The Shop had been sticking a little so I went to the hardware store for some WD40, as you do. 

Bar Harbor is a seasonal town, and my landlord is elsewhere for the winter, not that he's much help in these situations anyway. 

So I squirted in my WD40 and then tried my key to see how smoothly it would turn after my handiwork. Turn it did. And kept turning and turning and not opening the lock. 

It was a beautifully sunny Saturday and a few casual shoppers passed by. I called the locksmith. He can come help me next week. 


I called my husband. He came with his drill. He happily drilled, and drilled (what is it with men and drilling? Wait, don't answer that, I think I know) but couldn't finish the job and promised to come back Sunday morning to install a new lock. 

Luckily I'm on a quiet island in Maine and not the crime-y island in New York from which I came. 

I returned Sunday morning where the store was untouched, and the lock debacle continues... Will he fix it? Will I have to pursue the locksmith? Here I sit, listening to the drill, making jewelry for an order, and keeping my hopes high. 

anne woodman jewelry

I love being a small business owner. I love the freedom and flexibility and having to answer to no one but myself. I love that The Shop is a family affair, and Jamie feels invested enough to spend his weekend drilling, today, in the rain.

At the end of all this, hopefully I will not be writing a check to a locksmith who arrives 3 days late. Hopefully I will just give my husband a kiss and be on my happy way. 

anne woodman the shop

Happy Holidays everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving (I am grateful for you, and all of the above)

Happy Black Friday (I hope you got yourself something shiny with lights that move and dance)

Happy Small Business Saturday (I hope you supported someone like me)

and Happy Cyber Monday. Please enjoy free shipping on all orders in the US through the rest of 2017!


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Hilarious! You have a way with words.


I hope Jamie got it working for you! Happy Monday to you and say hi to C for us! <3


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