This is love

This is love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, its' a pretend holiday. And maybe Hallmark uses to it make money. And maybe it's a day when single people feel lonely and married people feel disappointed.

Bla bla bla. 

What if it could just be a day to remind us about love. That love exists. Love for our friends, love for our parents, love for our children, love for our pets, love for our lovers, and love for ourselves. 

This morning I woke up in love. (Full disclosure, I'm in love with a beautiful man, but more about that later.) Mostly, I am in love with myself. I am in love with my life. I'm in love with my age. I'm in love with my future. I'm even in love with my past and all the bumps and turns that have led me to this place. 

You are love. That's all we are, really. Just a bunch of beautiful, strong and fragile souls bouncing around on this earth in this universe, doing the best that we can. We fight and fuck up and make mistakes and get hurt and learn lessons. 

anne woodman hug bracelets

I have a friend who often tells me to give myself a squeeze. Holding the backs of your arms is supposed to be grounding. 

Give yourself a squeeze today. Give yourself a Valentine's Day hug from yourself. 

I love you.

And I'm taking a little vacation for a week. With the afore mentioned love ❤️

(Follow my stories to see our silly adventures).

So web orders will be slower to ship than usual, but we are off to spread some joy down south!

Happy love day, y'all! 😘



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