anne woodman charm necklace

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Do you have a necklace you wear every day?
If you've seen me anytime in the last year and a half, I was wearing this one...
        anne woodman charm necklace         anne woodman charm necklace 
It started as a way to stay positive in the dead of winter with this gold Flamingo charm I got on a trip to the Bahamas (in another lifetime) paired with my simple, happy flower.
Then I decided it needed a pop of color, so I threw a pink Jade bead onto it. 
Anne Woodman charm necklace
             anne woodman charm necklace
I've developed a habit of fiddling with the charms when I'm trying to concentrate,  and it goes with everything. I also like that it's a combination of my own design mixed with a piece from my jewelry box, all coming together to create the feeling I was after. 
It turns out I was right on trend!
Check out what "Who What Wear" says about Necklace Trends of 2020
anne woodman charms
If you have a favorite necklace that you want to add a touch of happy to, head on over to my charms and see if one strikes your fancy!
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Hey, those are great! Where do they live on your site?

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