Trunk Show at Your Place!!!

Trunk Show at Your Place!!!

Want to spread some joy? AND earn a little cash at the same time!?? Want to raise some money for your kids school, favorite charity, new shoes?

Here’s how it works:

I send you a package containing something like this:

Anne Woodman Trunk Show

- One 3’ X 3’ square of fabric (size of a card table)

- Necklace, earring and bracelet displays

- An assortment of jewelry (price tags attached)

- Gift pouches, boxes, business cards, and a framed bio explaining what’s so fantastic about the jewelry and the brand 

- A detailed inventory check list so you can keep track of what you sell and what you are sending back.

Gift box

YOU are in charge of inviting friends, feeding them snacks and beverages (optional but highly recommended), sell sell selling, and having a fabulous time.

When it’s all over (like the next morning as you sip your coffee) you calculate all the sales and we split it, 50/50. Keep the proceeds, or donate a portion to your favorite charity! 

Then you just put everything back into the box I sent it to you in, slap on the prepaid shipping label, and drop it off at the post office.

Yay!! That was so much fun!!!

Anne Woodman

Are you in? Leave a comment below, or email me at Questions? Read on...


Can I choose the jewelry I want to be in my sales package?

-Yes, you can make requests and give us an idea of the styles you think your friends will like best and we will try our damnest to make everybody happy (happy is what we do).

How does the money exchange work?

When we sign the simple contract, you will give me a credit card to have on file. Then when the party's over, either:

  1. You send me a check with the returned jewelry and display OR
  2. I charge the credit card you have left on file for me.

Can I keep some jewelry for myself?

-Yes, As the host/hostess you are welcome to purchase 4 pieces of jewelry you choose at half of the tagged price.

Who pays for the snacks and beverages for my guests?

That part is optional (though recommended) so it’s on you. We are covering everything else.

Do you pay the shipping costs?


Can I take custom orders?

For custom orders you can put the customer in touch with us directly. If it results in a custom order, we will credit you a 20% commission of the sale.

How long can I keep the jewelry?

You have 21 days from the day you receive your box, to have your party, nurse your hangover, count the inventory and send back the box.


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This is genius! Your designs are amazing and all my friends are wearing them. This would be a great idea for a holiday charity event!

Melanie Hammer

I love this idea! I bought the star and heart necklace this summer when I was vacationing inBar Harbor. And my husband has bought me a couple other pieces since then. Ever since I have started wearing your jewelers I have gotten SO many compliments. I think this would be a great party to have. Could you give me some details. Thanks, Dianna

dianna scanlon

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