What I learned from teaching art to kids - a chronicle

What I learned from teaching art to kids - a chronicle

There was a job posting for an art teacher..

We were in the "down time" in Bar Harbor. Restaurants closed. Everyone trapped inside. Snow days, Netflix...

"I'm an artist," I thought. "I like kids" I thought. 

All true.

And I have even taught art before! I've worked with kids many times over the years. I led workshops in Brooklyn.. 

And I was bored. So I applied for the job assuming it was a long shot. 

I got it. I became the art teacher at Summer Festival of the Arts vacation camp in Bar Harbor for a week.

Here's what I learned:


Children make art on their own with whatever is available, without instruction.

kid art kid art

The things that kids create when given just a little guidance are AMAZING and funny and awesome.

kis art kid art kid art kid art 

Kids are obsessed (and will make really cool stuff) with: cardboard boxes, glue guns and balloons...

kid art kid art

In the end, what I realized is that watching kids create from their magical imaginations is rewarding and inspiring to no end. 

So, not only am I teaching another art class with this program, I decided to start my own at The Shop! So excited!!!!! Even more in the works... Like adult art classes (did someone say "with wine"???) and craft workshops galore!

Anne Woodman The Shop Bar Harbor kids art class

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