Winter - Preparing to Bloom

Winter - Preparing to Bloom

This is a time when many people are dreading the long cold winter ahead. Here in Maine, it's pretty much the longest and the coldest, so I get it. 

But another thing about this wild Island in Maine is that because we are so surrounded by nature it feels like we follow her ebbs and flows more closely.

We slow down. Go to bed earlier. We use this time to reconnect with our selves. And we plan for summer

Many flowering plants lie dormant in the winter. They are using this crucial time to rest and gather strength for spring when they will burst through the ground's surface and open up to the sun. 

What if we followed their lead...

Allow this time to be a little more dormant. Rest. Dream. Plan.

Snuggle up in the softness and slow down.

Remind yourself that you are a flower (I like to remind myself by wearing flower jewelry 😊)

How do imagine you will come through the ground's surface this spring? What colors will your petals be? What new gifts will you be bringing? 

Anne Woodman Life Coach

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